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Search Engine Marketing, Inc - Driving Search Traffic to Your Company's web site by Mike Moran, Bill Hunt

Multiple Streams of Internet Income by Robert G. Allen

Search engine optimization (SEO)

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High quality web sites typically rank well

A webmaster who wants to maximize the value of a web site can read the guidelines published by the search engines, as well as the coding guidelines published by the World Wide Web Consortium. If the guidelines are followed, and the site presents frequently updates, useful, original content, and a few meaningful, useful inbound links are established, it is usually possible to obtain a significant amount of organic search traffic.

When a site has useful content, other webmasters will naturally place links to the site, increasing its PageRank and flow of visitors. When visitors discover a useful web site, they tend to refer other visitors by emailing or instant messaging links.

As a result, SEO practices that improve web site quality are likely to outlive short term practices that simply seek to manipulate search rankings. The top SEOs recommend targeting the same thing that search engines seek to promote: relevant, useful content for their users. Means of improving web site quality include:
  • Clean, fast loading websites, that are content rich, and frequently updated.
  • Websites that follow the web's simpler conventions (short and descriptive titles, easy navigation, no disabling of browser buttons, no keyword stuffing or other blatant SEO work).
  • Natural-looking link building: a few links from directories, very minimal reciprocal or three-way linking, no apparent buying or selling of links, no attempted PR manipulation (buying/selling/hogging), no outward links to less reputable sites.
  • No auto-generated nonsense content and no machine translated content, but original, useful material.
  • No technical errors, no duplicate pages, a valid robots.txt, a sitemap, and custom error pages.

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