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Outsourcing your projects

Building a new website, looking for a new logo or a database constructed for your site is so much easier now. There are plenty of freelancers on sites like RentACoder.com or eLance.com that are willing to help you out. You post your work by selecting the field that it relates to and set a maximum bidder on your project. There will be coders who will bid relatively low, just trying to get the job, as well as at a relatively higher price bids.

Rentacoder.com is one of the best freelance sites on the web today. If you are a buyer looking for quality technical support, Rentacoder or RAC is a great place to start. Upon approval from a reviewer, your auction is begun and will run the duration you set it to. Once you are notified that the auction begins, your mail inbox will start to receive emails from various professional programmers who are more than qualified to get the job done.

These professional coders have a feedback rating that tells you that they can meet deadlines and perform quality work. You can select the best coder by examining the rating that the coder has as well as the bid price. Should both of these meet your criteria, you can select the coder to begin the project for you. You will escrow funds for the coder via credit paypal or credit card and wait for the confirmation letter for the coder.

Once your contact information has been established, the coder will work until the job is completed to your liking. Once you approve, you can accept the job as 100% and your project is complete. If you are not happy you can have the coder continue to rework the project until you are satisfied.
Once you are satisfied with the quality of work you can exchange feedback with the coder. The coder's feedback should commensurate with the quality and timeliness. You can expect a good reference to the coder will garnish a positive reference for yourself. People will want to work with buyers who can describe the project and let them get to work.

There are over 120,000 coders on RentACoder.com today, and the numbers are growing every day!

Note that outsourcing allows you to focus on your strengths- like usability and feature development- while allowing others to implement back-end strategy, like php programming or managing a large mysql database.