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Create a profitable content site

 by: Kelly Sanders

Quietly sitting at home, thousands of Internet entrepreneurs are making a very profitable living online. Many people have been publishing content on the internet since the early nineties. Articles, discussion forums, blogs, product reviews and instructional texts tightly focused on a single, narrow topic are the type of content that will result in good SE placements, adding value to the Internet.

The content site model is highly effective with the search engines, but it takes hundreds or thousands of hours to create. Is there an easier way to do it? A number of automatic site creation softwares have come to market recently, as well as some very effective and simple to use Content Management Systems. Syndicated articles, news feeds are also a great help for many internet publishers.

So, how to create a highly-ranked, high traffic, profitable content site? Go and find your favorite topics, favorite hobbies. Go, and buy some good books from a hobby store near you. Writing valuable content about things you are interested in is nothing magical or complicated. It does not require a special genetic gift, or formal writing courses. Providing the information your visitors are looking for comes with no effort, when you write about things you are passionate about. Everyone is an expert about something. You know stuff other people don't... things people would pay to know. You might have learned it "on the job" or through your hobby. There's a good chance that you don't even realize what you can provide the information your visitors are looking for.

There is no need to be a programming expert. There are one-click-install softwares out there helping you out like:
  • Blogger.com - create a personal blog for free - either by using their hosted service (BlogSpot) or your own web host.
  • WordPress - a popular free blog software.
  • Multiply - a software where blogging meets social networking.
  • AutoBlogger - posts articles and article snippets to your blog on a regular basis.
  • Mambo - a CMS or Content Management System.
  • PHPbb - easy to use Forum software.
  • ...and many more.
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About The Author
Kelly Sanders blogs regularly on various topics including self improvement, home business and internet marketing.